creative design director

Call or Text:  904.364.6465

I am here to help you with dreamy artwork, media and communication to support your growing ministry!

Hi there!  My name is Sarah Weaver and I am the Creative Design Director for First Baptist Church of Riverview!  I am so excited and honored to build a team that will support our amazing church and you, our awesome ministry leaders!

Our team of pastors desire for us to leverage all forms of media to ultimately fulfill our mission statement of "influencing others to become followers of Christ" and they understand that it starts before they step onto our church campus.

I have created this page for you to communicate your needs to me while I work on our church's website.  Below you will find different forms that you can fill out to request different forms of media for your ministry and exciting announcements about improvements that we will be able to offer you to grow your ministry.

Please remember, anything and everything that is media related (flyers, emails, bulletin inserts, video announcements, social media posts, anything put out that represents anything happening at the church or in partnership with one of the church's ministry, etc.) has to come through my office, per our pastors request.  Our reason for doing this and purpose of my position is to create a cohesive aesthetic that protects our church's brand and ultimately for all forms of our communication to deliver a clear, strong message.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at  Thank you so much and I cannot wait to begin working with you!  Cheers!

Does your ministry need it's own branding?  It is crucial for every ministry to have it's own consistent identity to create brand recognition and the same goes for events whether they are recurring or one time.  Let's work together to create a logo for your ministry or event! 

Please two to three weeks for your artwork to be completed.

Bulletin Insert (2).png

Does your dedicated page on our church website need some updates?  Or would you like to have your event added onto our church calendar?  Fill this form out to submit your request to have it updated.  

Please allow up to seven days for your update to be completed.

All emails being sent to groups that represent the church (outside of planning and personal emails between ministry leaders) must be sent through our database, unless Pastoral Staff permission has been granted.  This is to create continuity and cohesiveness churchwide.

Email requests must be submitted seven days prior to desired sent date.

Do you need a really awesome flyer, form or tool to promote your ministry or event?  Do your need workbooks for your upcoming event?  Use this form to give us the details about your request.

Please allow two to three weeks for completion - times will vary based on the intricacy of the project.

Does your ministry possibly need a bulletin insert?  Please use this form to submit a request to have your announcement inserted into our weekly bulletin upon Pastoral Staff approval.

Bulletin insert requests must be made three weeks prior to desired date for publication.

Would you like to have something pertaining to your ministry announced on our social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or our church blog?  Use this form to submit your request.

Social media request must be submitted seven days prior to desired posting date.

Does your ministry need to make an announcement to our church through our weekly LifeGroup announcements, CurrentView or video announcements?  Use this form to submit your request. 

Video requests must be submitted the first week of the month before you want it to be announced.  For example, if you would like for it to be announced in February, it must be submitted the first week of January.

LifeGroup + printed CurrentView announcement requests must be submitted two weeks prior to the first week you want it announced.

Didn't see a form to complete that fits your needs?  Use this form to communicate your needs so our Creative Design Team can support you!

Completion times will vary based on what is being requested.